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How a waste company turns material supplier on a large scale!

We are very happy to invite you to join our first inspirational talk with Pär Larshans, Chief Sustainability Officer at Ragn-Sells. Pär will speak on the topic of circular material flow and how new materials will help us recycle more. Ragn-Sells has been a pioneering force in the waste industry for several years and continues to argue that waste companies should actively work to re-define themselves as raw material suppliers. With this vision they are promoting a mind shift in a society so thoroughly built on an industrial and linear logic. Welcome to a pre-opening phase of The Loop. We call it Get in The Loop by Vectura. During 2023 we will push humanity forward through talks, workshops, podcast episodes and art!

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Camurus flyttar sitt huvudkontor till nya lokaler i The Loop

Det nya huvudkontoret kommer rymma över 200 medarbetare och kommer vara en central plats för företag…

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The Loop Talk

Get in The Loop Talk by Vectura with Jonas Birgersson

Jonas Birgersson is guest speaker for Project Energy Society at Get in The Loop at Stadshallen, Sept…