This is the place to be

In The Loop you will find startups, entrepreneurs, and large companies.

But it's not just a place of business - you'll also find cultural events and student life. This unique blend sparks meetings and generates innovative ideas. The opportunities here are endless - from business ventures to research collaborations. Plus, there are countless sustainability stories waiting to be told. The total Rentable area of The Loop is 10,520 square meters spread over six floors.

The building will be completed in 2024.

Science Village Hall

The ultimate venue space that's about to make its grand entrance in fall 2024

LVL2 1 (Kopia)

Level Two

At Level Two you get professionally designed conference rooms, top class co-working spaces, proven methods for collaboration and a network that lets you connect science and business for real

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Pembert & Company

Get ready to embark on a culinary journey like no other! We're thrilled to announce that Pembert & Company will open a new restaurant in The Loop. The mission is to bring the same Nordic flavors with a modern twist that made Lokal 17 at Studio Huset in Malmö such a hit


Rock’n’roll venue to a classical concert hall with a flick of the switch.


Capacity of 1.000 people and seating for 950 in three floors.


The perfect place to host dinners and events.

Minimizing the environmental impact isn't enough.
The Loop's environmental profile

Our ambition

Today, most building projects compete in minimising their environmental impact. Although, this usually only contains the operational phase. Our ambition is to surpass this and to decrease the impact of The Loop to a minimum, including both the built in materials and building process as well as the operationnal phase. We care about the future, and therefore sustainability is a cornerstone and a natural ingredient. Not in order to eliminate negative influence but to create a positive footprint for people and the environment.

  • Reduce global climate change
  • Improve individual health and well-being
  • Protect and restore water resources
  • Protect, enhance, and restore biodiversity
  • Promote sustainable and regenerative material resources
  • Establish a sustainable economy
  • Increase quality of life

We also have a long list of additional benefits, including – but not limited to – sun panels, facilities for cyclists, an electric car pool, and a biogas and electrical charging station for motor vehicles.The Loop cares about the future, from biodiversity to a diverse mindset.

The Loop embraces diversity and inclusion. In that way, it will attract the best people and maintain its lure as a innovative and creative hub in our quest to make the world a little better.


The building achieves net zero primary energy, which means that the building produces as much energy as it consumes.


A climate calculation is carried out, which visualizes the project's climate impact and makes it easy to choose the right improvement measures.


There will be no waste from the construction production, 100% will be recycled or reused.

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Daniel Fex
Team leader Business Development

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